To have and to not put on hold

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2020 has been a wild ride so far. Here we are over halfway through the year and feeling as though we have been cheated out of a solid five months of it.

Some of us had babies due, travel booked and events to attend or for some, wedding vows to be made. But 2020 instead decided to flip us into the upside down, where we were cancelling long-planned trips, having babies alone or trying to reschedule a wedding with no certainty of family or friends from overseas being able to attend. It's been rough.

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We are all slowly getting through it though. Travel is definitely on the back burner, but we are still living. New life is constantly arriving and love has become stronger than ever, maybe even bullet-proof now having survived the confines of lockdown. We continue to overcome challenges and life goes on, and so should your wedding.

It took me a while to discover that I love photographing weddings. I was always so scared of the cliche bridezilla. I had heard so many photographers saying weddings were crazy; so much hard work and with the odd demanding bridezilla adding that extra pressure, it all seemed too much.

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People always asked me if I photographed weddings, and for the longest time, I always said no. Then I thought, what have I actually been afraid of? Hard work? absolutely not. Bridezilla's? No way, I love making new friendships and believe establishing a connection with people before a big job is always key.

And so, I dipped my toe in the wedding photography pool and guess what? I loved it! Weddings are the best day of peoples lives. who wouldn't love capturing all the emotions, from tears of joy to big belly laughs and smiles you can't wipe off people's faces.


Weddings are the one day you have to celebrate love in all its glory. We gather our close friends and family at a beautiful venue, eat amazing food together, dance with abandon and of course, celebrate the bride and groom's union and pledge to love, to have and to hold each other.

Documenting someone's special day is truly an honour. Photographing the friendships, the nerves, the tears, the LOL's and the beauty of each couple's unique fingerprint on the little details is so always fulfilling. It is that human connection that we crave, gatherings are fun, and weddings are the tits.


As the 2020 calendar was flipped on its head, so many important events have had to be rescheduled. Having worked long and hard in eCommerce, commercial and product photography, I have newly entered the New Zealand wedding scene. However, I have been behind the camera for more than ten years and have lots of experience working with humans, and weddings are of the most human celebrations we have!

If you are in need of a wedding photographer, I am currently offering free wedding consultations. Let's go for a coffee, get to know each other and help plan the biggest day of your life!

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